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2015/2016 World Tour "Elements" with Ludovico Einaudi. Check for dates in News section

Watch Cargo Trains Live from Chesterton In !!!!!!

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The Chesterton, Indiana (East) camera is located at MP CD 481.2 NS Chicago Line-Dearborn Division. The camera is located in the Central time zone and is hosted and supported by RailStream and Riley's Railhouse.


Summit research centre in Greenland

geosummit 400Summit Station began its life at the summit of the Greenland Ice Sheet (72°N, 38°W, 3200 m.a.s.l.), as “Summit camp”, the base camp for the drilling of the GISP2 ice core in 1989. Since then, the station has hosted both summer campaign science, and, since 1997, year-round monitoring observations of cryospheric processes, both chemical and physical. After the initial “experimental” winter seasons in 1997-98 and 2000-2002, the station has been continuously occupied since 2003.

 REAC Technology

Radio Electric Asymmetric Conveyer Technology (REAC) for therapeutic use is a technology invented by medicine doctors and researchers Salvatore Rinaldi and Vania Fontani and internationally patented (WO2001EP07800, EP1301241, US7,333.859 and other patents pending).

The purpose of REAC technology® is to create the therapeutic effects of bio and neuro stimulation \ modulation, through the use of radio-electric fields conveyed in an asymmetric manner.

By the nature of its mechanism of action, REAC technology is safe, painless, non-invasive and free of side effects.

The certified electromedical device B.E.N.E. Bio-Enhancer-Neuro Enhancer was born by REAC Technology and by the same researchers Rinaldi and Fontani.