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As Alberto divided either his studies and life in between Music and Sport, this biography is concerned only with his music life; although in the chapter "Other work experiences" below, are listed Sports jobs alongside other activities or jobs outside Music he attended.

Alberto Fabris is a musician, producer, composer/songwriter, bass, double bass player/polistrumentist who collaborated with a number of music projects and musicians between London, New york and Milan where he lived during the last 25 years.

Graduated in music composition/popular culture at the Brunel University in London (BA in Music and Sport Science), played bass and double bass for a number of different bands performing music from jazz standards, to funk, bossa, Folk, punk rock, pop and alternative rock between New York and London. Collaborations with:
Denys Baptiste (Incognito and Jazz Warriors)
Michael Leonhart (Steely Dan, Donald Fagen)
Masculine Feminine (now Blonde redhead)
John Lurie (Lounge Lizards)
Arto Lindsay (Caetano Veloso)
Justin Adams (Robert Plant, Tinariwen)
Juldeh Camara (Bill Laswell, Orchestra BaoBab)
Ballakè Sissoko (Vincent Segal)
Tim Oliver (Robert Plant, Goldfrapp, B52s, Brian Eno amongst others)
Michale Seberich (Zubin Meta, Claudio Abbado, Gustav Kuhn)
Mercan Dedè
Marco Decimo
Ludovico Einaudi
Ochestra notte della Taranta (2010-2011)

Son of a piano player/organists, grew up with music in the house, since the early days the father would play jazz records of: Art Tatum, Louis Armstrong, Errol Gardner and through the radio station of his town, where he also worked as a dj, learned about rock and folk music coming from abroad.
Played his first gig at 12 years old, always been interested in the research side of music, he developed skills in different types of music and instruments: Musicals, Modern Theater music, Experimental, Orchestrations and Computer music are his main areas of interest.

Biside music his interests are: Soccer, Greenland, Cargo Trains and Railways Stations, Airports, Propeller Float plaines, Digital Art, Coffee, Environmental Researches and Remote Polar research centres.
During the period spent in London, Alberto composed music for short movies, documentaries, modern theater and modern dance.
His restless mind and life, took him around the world with the aim of learning new sounds and musical styles.

His various Experiences in the music business, started as Driver for music festivals, then Tour manager for bands around the world; then Show manager, sound assistant and Production assistant, and finally label manager (all jobs from Ponderosa Music & arts) helped him getting to know all sorts of musicians dealing with all kinds of music, lately to be reflected in is own projects.

Other work experiences:
Assistent Mechanic (Comerio- Varese- Italy), Music Dj at Radio Varese station and responsible of saturday morning Sports programme, Clerk in the best record shop in Varese: Casa del disco, Waiter (New York), Antique Shop seller (New York), Disher Washer (London), Sports hall clerck (Brunel University-london), Summer sport teacher (Brunel University-London), Soccer assistant coach at various levels for various youth teams and Scout collaborator (Italy), Flight Dispatcher or Flight Plan Designer at Malpensa Airport for different Airline Companies, Head Coach of Varese Wheelchair basket ball team in Italian serie B, Sportive Director of Varese Wheelchair Basketball team (Italy).

Being a prolific song/writer he formed the following bands:
Making Circles, (pop/acid jazz)
Egypt (desert rock)
Blend (experimental/alternative folk/rock which just published a 5 cds box!)
DeltaEchoPapaZulu Project (electronic music with brass and voice)
Dakota Days with Ronald Lippok from Tarwater and To roccoco rot (new wave/electro punk rock)
Chorizo Bay (electronic duo)

Alberto worked as a composer of short pieces for a National Radio 3 program in Italy, arranged music for 25 fairy tales, composed music for fashion shows (Cp company), collaborated as musical assistant of Ludovico Einaudi on Divenire and Nightbook cds as well as performing live electronics for some concerts.
Worked as musical assistant of Ludovico Einaudi for the theatre play “Nel bosco degli spiriti” directed by Luca Ronconi; plays live and records with Pacifico (Italian author and singer song writer).
Composed, recorded and mix the Bianco project (modern dance) alongside with the Pace brothers from Blonde red head, created by Saverio Palatella and performed in New York, Rome and Tokio; played the doublebass on the new cd of Stefano Edda (former ritmo tribale); Works at music for tv adverts and short movies.
Recently worked as musical assistent of Ludovico Einaudi for the film score of the movie: La vita di Tiziano Terzani.
In August 2010 and 2011 played live electronics for La Notte Della Taranta show, musical director Ludovico Einaudi, in Melpignano Italy, in front of a crowed of 120thousend!
Worked as Production Assistent, Mix Assistent and recorded Guitars and Bass on the new cd of Ludovico Einaudi IN A TIME LAPSE released in 2013.
Played live electronics and bass for the world tour of In A Time Lapse (2013/2014).
Worked as Musical assistent of Ludovico for the sound track of the movie WATER DIVINER By Russel Crowe in august 2014.
Co-Produced with Mercan Dede the new Antonio Castriniano' album "Fomenta" for Ponderosa Music 2014.
Produced the debut cd of Kalascima "Psychedellic Trance Tarantella" for Ponderosa music 2014.
Co - Pruduced with Ludovico The "Taranta Project" in 2014/2015, for Ponderosa Music.
Co - Produced with Ludovico his new work The "Elements" for Decca in 2015 which reached the top 15 U.K. Pop Charts in october 2015!.